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Bumper Plates



Product Details

Diamond Pro bumper plates are a step above your average plate, because they offer a durability most plates don’t. They are made of recycled rubber, so they won’t make nearly as much noise as cast-iron plates. They are available in six different weight options. The specifications for this plate include 450mm. diameter and a 2 in. stainless steel insert.


  • Dimensions: 450 mm. diameter
  • 2 in. stainless steel insert
  • Made from recycled rubber
  • Available in 6 different weight options
  • Colors vary by weight

Additional Information

These are the best bumper plates for executing any technical lifts-snatch, clean and jerk, deadlifts, and you can bail away if you get unstable. Dynabody Diamond Pro bumper plates are much quieter than cast-iron plates and will not chip floors. 

Plate Thickness:

10 lbs.- 1.375” thick

15 lbs.- 1.875" thick

25 lbs.- 2.25" thick

35 lbs.- 3.00" thick

45 lbs.- 3.75" thick

55 lbs.- 4.00" thick


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Welcome to Dynabody - An American Tradition