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The Dynalift allows for the easy start and racking of your heaviest squats. 
Usually ships in 6-8 weeks. Partially assembled. 

This specially designed dynalift allows for optimal squat training by taking the walkout way from the lift. You un-rack the weight while your training partner pulls the lever moving the rack hooks forward. The hydraulic lift and lever support stands adjust for all heights and hand positions.
  • Made for heavy competitive and commercial use.
  • Excellent for all types of squats, box squats and good morning movements.
  • Extra wide base for wide squatting.
  • Quick action jack
  • Reverse band posts
  • anti-tip front support
  • Total Footprint:  68"W x 53.5"D x 93"H
A must have for all powerlifters, meet promoters, trainers or strength coaches. The Dynalift will change the way you squat forever. Meets run faster, weight changes smother, and training in groups is no longer a problem. It only takes seconds to change rack heights or move the weight hooks to different positions.
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Welcome to Dynabody - An American Tradition