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RB Rubber Athletic mats protect flooring from damage usually caused by the impact from dropping barbells. The rubber mats have cushioning features that protect free weight area floors from dings, scuffs, and other damage. Gold’s Gym and World Gym have used RB Rubber flooring throughout their franchises for years. They have come to know and trust RB Rubber as a consistent supplier of high quality matting.

Available in 1/2″ and 3/4″ thicknesses, RB Rubber matting is a solid, durable mat that is easy to install. While the standard size is 4′ x 6′, our proprietary cutting system allows us to offer sizes up to a full 6′ x 8′. Combining environmentally friendly recycling technologies and manufactured completely in the USA sets RB Rubber products apart from the competition.


  • Weight Rooms
  • Ice Rinks
  • Golf Course
  • In-Line Skating
  • Multi-purpose Areas
  • Locker Rooms
  • Spike Protection
  • Baseball Areas
  • Cardio Decks
  • Changing Areas


Dynabody is equipped to not only outfit your training facility with awesome Dynabody strength equipment, but to outfit the facility itself to maximize the facility’s potential. One of the most important considerations when a lot of heavy stuff is getting moved (and, inevitably, dropped) is robust flooring. Whether you need rolled rubber, rubber tiles (6x4), and/or turf, we can help you with bringing your ideas to fruition.

Contact our sales reps by Calling Toll Free 1.800.950.3488 or e-mail dynabody@gmail.com about flooring or complete facility design. 

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Welcome to Dynabody - An American Tradition